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Taxi Mom® Now Serving the Hewitt, Waco, & Surrounding Area’s

Hello Waco Families!

We are so excited to announce that TaxiMom® will be servicing your area starting the 2022-2023 school year! It’s been a busy and successful 18 years but the time has come full circle. TaxiMom® originated in Richardson, Tx and since then, ,we have continued to grow and service in surrounding communities. We have been on a journey to expand not only in DFW, Austin, and Houston, we will be going nationwide. But, Waco isn’t just another city to us here at TaxiMom®;  Waco is…home.

Meet Yolanda, the original TaxiMom®, born and raised in Waco, and now a partner for TaxiMom® Waco. Bringing TaxiMom® to the area is her way of giving back to the city she came from by helping parents in this growing community. With people expressing their need for this service, Yolanda says she feels “AMAZING” knowing that TaxiMom® in Waco will meet those in need of it. Safety has always been and will continue to be her motivation. Questioning how and if your child has made it home safely will no longer need to be asked. Yolanda is constantly working with teams to ensure new and effective ways to make sure your child makes it inside their home. When she’s not focused on TaxiMom® , she enjoys reading self-help books and is passionate about serving her community. If you’re lucky, you may even catch her listening to Eminem.

Meet Rose, sister to Yolanda, also born and raised in Waco, owner of TaxiMom® South Garland and now a partner of TaxiMom® Waco. Rose has been with TaxiMom® for 17 years. She has been asked many times as to when Waco will be serviced and she can proudly say, “Now.” When asked how she felt about being able to have Waco serviced she answered, “PROUD. It has been a dream of mine to have TaxiMom® service in my hometown.” Rose understands that it takes a village when it comes to kids. She plays a big part in many villages in South Garland and will soon be part of many more in Waco. When she’s not managing TaxiMom® South Garland, you can find her making healing products like salves, lotions, bath salts, etc. She’s very passionate about helping others in the community, especially senior citizens. With her favorite animal being sharks, you may learn some fun shark facts from her during Shark Week.

Introducing David, not only a new partner for TaxiMom® Waco but also a cousin to Yolanda and Rose.  He is a native Wacoan and currently resides in Waco. David is passionate about helping others and businesses so it was a no brainer bringing TaxiMom® home. With David knowing many parents who struggle to make the rounds everyday, having TaxiMom® servicing Waco fulfills his passion of helping out his community and getting the kids home safely. When asked how he felt about being part of TaxiMom® Waco he replied, ” I’m excited about starting one here because we have needed it for a long time. I hope to make their day just a little bit easier with one less thing to worry about.” Growth is his motivation for TaxiMom® Waco. Not just growth for TaxiMom® but growth for the kids and the community. David enjoys learning new things all the time. You might even catch him at a concert or an art show.

Introducing Christine, also a cousin and new partner for TaxiMom® Waco. Christine is also a Waco native and wanted to be part of TaxiMom® because she knew what they could offer and how it would benefit so many families. She feels happy knowing that the service will now be part of her community and will bring so much success and ease to the families who have been asking for a service like this. Christine enjoys watching documentaries and when she’s not, you may be able to catch her dancing somewhere.

A true family business giving back to their community.  Registrations scheduled to open up June 28, 2022.  For additional information, email them at