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We know your number one concern as parents and caregivers is the SAFETY of your children.  You need a service you can trust and a team you can rely on. #TrustTaxiMom #SafeRides


Your Trusted Transportation for Kids Near Garland, TX

Are you a busy parent looking for a reliable, safe school transportation service for your children? Look no further than taxiMom! We understand your challenges of juggling work, household responsibilities, and ensuring your children’s well-being. We are here to provide top-notch transportation services for kids. With taxiMom, you can have peace of mind knowing your children are in safe hands while being transported to and from school, after-school activities, and more.

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School Transportation for Kids in Garland, TX




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Serving others

Serving others

A for Adaptable, inclusive & professional

Adaptable, inclusive & professional

F for Fueling the needs in our community

Fueling the needs in our community

E For Empathetic & engaged service

Empathetic & engaged service

T For Trustworthy & technology driven

Trustworthy & technology driven

Y For Your family is our FAMILY

Your family is our FAMILY

Reliable Transportation for Kids

At taxiMom, we specialize in transportation services catered to kids. Whether you need after-school pickup, private transportation for kids, drop-off service, or school transportation, we have you covered. Our dedicated team of experienced drivers is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of your children throughout their journey.

With our after-school pickup service, you can rely on us to pick up your children from their school and safely transport them to their desired destinations. Our drivers are skilled at navigating the roads of Garland, TX, and trained to provide a friendly, caring environment for your little ones.

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Minimize Bullying & Hazing

Minimize Bullying & Hazing

Kids with adult supervision tend to experience less bullying among their peers. With Taxi Mom®, we'll be there for your kids to deliver them to and from school safely.

Mobile App with Real-Time Notifications

Mobile App with Real-Time Notifications

Our mobile app ensures you will always know where your kids are once they board. Your children are dropped off or picked up directly from your home or school and we wait until they enter their destination.

A Familiar Face & Relationship Each Trip

A Familiar Face & Relationship Each Trip

Your kids will have an assigned driver, giving them a familiar, friendly face every time. Our drivers undergo extensive background checks and complete formal training to ensure a professional and safe experience for your family.

Affordable Subscription Plan

Affordable Subscription Plan

We have an affordable subscription plan to fit any budget, with discounts available for autopay, teachers and military. Save even more by paying the school year in advance! We know how hard times are, that’s why our business is built on fair pricing.



What a fantastic service run by fantastic people. If you need a transportation service for your children in a pinch or long term, Taxi Mom is right for you. Thank you Taxi Mom for all of your help and your wonderful service with my special needs child. I know who I’ll be using again in the future!!!

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We know your number one concern as parents and caregivers is the safety of your children. Taxi Mom® prevents children from facing the dangers of walking to and from school or even being left at school unsupervised. Your Taxi Mom family is professional, patient, and experienced with children of all ages.

We’ve given peace of mind to thousands of families since 2004. We are a family-owned and operated business based in Garland, Texas.

Our subscription based model makes us unique and our technology keeps YOU up to date with when your student gets picked up and dropped off. 

Your family becomes our family.

We are expanding rapidly and are currently LOVED by many families

State-of-The-Art Technology to Track Safe Transportation for Kids Close to Garland, TX

If you require private transportation for your kids, we offer personalized services to meet your needs. Our drivers will be there at the scheduled time, ready to transport your children to their activities, appointments, or another destination.

We understand the importance of punctuality, especially for school transportation. With our reliable drop-off service for kids, you can trust us to ensure your children arrive at school on time and safely. We prioritize safety and follow all necessary protocols to guarantee a secure journey for your kids. taxiMom is the preferred transportation solution for kids close to Garland, TX. We are dedicated to exceptional services prioritizing safety, reliability, and convenience. Trust us to handle your children’s transportation needs so you can focus on your daily responsibilities with peace of mind.

Contact taxiMom today to book your child’s transportation or to inquire about our services. We are here to make transportation for kids hassle-free and worry-free!




Trust taxiMom to be your partner in providing reliable transportation for your kids near Garland, TX. Contact us today to learn about our services and secure your child’s safe, comfortable transportation experience.