What makes Taxi Mom different from the rest?

Your family is our family!

Taxi Mom was established in 2004. We are a family-owned and operated company based in Richardson, Texas. We are a unique private shuttle offering many types of transportation based on the needs of each community we service. Our core business focuses on providing dependable and safe personalized student door-to-door transportation in and around Allen, Celina, Crandall, Forney, N. Frisco, Garland, IL-Texas Garland, Imagine International, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, Rockwall-Heath, and Wylie ISD’s.

The number one concern parents and guardians face is the safety of their children. Our service prevents children from facing the dangers of walking to and from school or being left at school during unsupervised hours. Our staff is professional, patient, and experienced with children of all ages. All Taxi Mom drivers go through an extensive background check. Our mission is “getting kids home safely”. Our focus is making sure your children are dropped off directly in front of the home and we wait until your child enters their destination safely.

The Taxi Mom experience everyone’s talking about...

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I highly recommend Taxi Mom for busy working parents who need help with their child’s school transportation. The Taxi Mom that I know is Ms.Perla and she’s really kind to the kids and just know that if your kids are charge of your children, rest assured, they are in good hands. She’s funny and makes the drive rides more fun and enjoyable

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This service has allowed me to be stress free at work knowing my daughter gets home safe. Thank you Taxi mom! I highly recommend you consider this service if you need help transporting your children to or from school. My daughter loves her driver and. Perla!

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Taxi mom is a lifesaver! Julie is our family favorite. She is always on time and greets us with a smile! Thank you Julie for easing our minds when it comes to our children arriving safely everyday!! Keep up the fantastic job, Julie!!

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The driver(Ms.Perla) is always on time and always say good morning and goodbye. She talks to the kids and dosen’t ignore them/give bad vibes off. All of the drivers I have had were great drivers and never took unnecessary risk to get to places faster. Highly recommend taxi mom for any mom/dad.

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The Taxi Mom that I know is Julie. She has been doing this job for several years. If she is in charge of your children, rest assured…they are in good hands. One of the most compassionate people that I know. She is kind beyond words and very competent.

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Taxi mom has saved me and my wife a lot of time and gas money around our busy working schedules. They did a great job in providing prompt and timely transportation to and from school for my kids. Miss Perla is an exceptional driver and my kids love her and always come back home smiling and laughing after their time with her and the other kids, definitely recommend!

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My neighbor referred me to taxi mom. We have Ms. Perla and she is wonderful! We’re lucky to have this kind of service since both my husband and I work late. We are at ease knowing our son is in good hands. She is very reliable and my son always gets home with a smile! Highly recommend!

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Awesome service, awesome drivers.. from day 1 never have had to worry about my daughter getting to school on time or safely. Can’t say enough good things about TAXI MOM..

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I used Taxi Mom South Garland. When I say our driver was THE BEST, I mean it from the heart. Our circumstances changed, but if we ever need transportation services again Taxi Mom is it! Real People, superior service.

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What a fantastic service run by fantastic people. If you need a transportation service for your children in a pinch or long term, Taxi Mom is right for you. Thank you Taxi Mom for all of your help and your wonderful service with my special needs child. I know who I’ll be using again in the future!!!

The Business Opportunity


  • Franchise fee: $35,000

  • Initial investment: $58,665 to $97,1200

    Franchise details: 

    If you’re looking to start a home-based business, this franchise opportunity might be a good fit for you. We offer a unique child transportation service that will add value to your community focusing on the demands of every working family. 

What is Taxi Mom?
Taxi Mom is a “door to door” private transportation service specializing in student transport.
How long has Taxi Mom been around?
Taxi Mom has been in business since 2004. You can click on our About page to learn more about our story.
Is Taxi Mom safe?
Taxi Mom provides peace of mind for our parents and as a mother, it is important that we perform an extensive background check on all of our drivers which include criminal background checks as well as the motor vehicle check. When it comes to our riders, there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY which allows us to advocate for equality and unite with our communities to ensure all kids are given a safe environment to grow up in.
What area's does Taxi Mom service?

We currently service Richardson, Plano, Garland, Allen, McKinney, Forney, Rockwall-Heath, Crandall, Prosper, Celina, Frisco, and Wylie ISD’s along with a couple of private schools in the North Dallas area. Please click on Schools to see a list of the schools.

I don't see my school, how can I be added to your service?

When registering online, choose your district and click on I Don’t See My School; we will add you to our wait list. When we open a new area, it will be posted on our website and Facebook page. Depending on the request, it can take up to a semester or full school year to get you added.

What happens when you are full?
Taxi Mom tries to help as many families as possible but once we are full we can not accept anymore kids. A waiting list will be created for the school in need and you will be contacted once someone leaves. The waitlist can vary depending on the school. It can be days or the entire school year.
How much do you charge and do you offer sibling discounts?

Click on Pricing for a list up to 5 miles. Special rates apply for longer distances. The sibling discount is 50% off the regular rate, per sibling. 

Is there an application fee?
No application fee’s apply but there is a reservation fee at the end of the year for returning students only. This fee guarantee’s your child’s seat for the following year.
Is a contract required?
No contract is required. Once you have determined if you are going to use our service and you have not registered online, we will ask you to register your child. You must agree to our policy to begin service. We will schedule a time to meet virtually based on your availability.
How does my kid identify you or your driver if we choose not to meet you?

Our passenger vans are wrapped vehicles and our SUV’s are either wrapped or magnetics are on the side of the door. If your child is in elementary, each school has a procedure to gather the children in the gym or cafeteria to be released in the bus/daycare lines. It is your responsibility to notify the elementary school that your child is riding with Taxi Mom. A picture of the driver and their assigned vehicle will be in the parent portal or mobile app. for you to view.

Can I ride only one or two days?

Yes, we offer daily rates. As long as we have available seats, we can help. Note: consistent daily riders will be charged whether they ride or not due to seat restrictions.

Do you charge for holidays, unforeseen events, intercession weeks, and weeks my child does not ride?

Yes, we charge 100% for Thanksgiving break and Spring break All other weeks including winter break will be charged at 50%. **Note: this also applies to our consistent daily riders.

Why do you charge for the holidays, unforeseen events, intercession weeks, and days my kid is not riding?

As a small business owner, it is our duty to provide excellent service to you and your family as well as promote loyalty within our organization.  Our employees are given paid vacations for their reliability and hard work. Also, due to the current pandemic of Covid-19, our operation costs have increased in order to provide sanitation products and personal protective equipment. We are committed to providing a safe environment.  This is a part of our policy, please read when registering online.

What safety measures do you have since the Pandemic outbreak?

Several measures have been adopted since April 1, 2020.  All vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizer, Lysol, surgical masks, tissues, and thermometers.  Each student’s temperature will be taken prior to loading the van.  All of our drivers are trained to disinefect the vehicles twice per day.  **Note:  if your child is running a fever, we won’t transport them. You will be notified immediately. 

How do I pay my bill?

Once registered and the invitation is accepted, you will have access into our portal. You can choose your payment method of recurring or one-time.

Recurring is auto draft and the discounted rate will adjust based on your selection of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

One-time is a recurring invoice and your quoted invitational price will take affect based on your selection of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. By choosing One-time, you will be required to log into the portal and pay your bill based on your selection of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. **It is your responsibility to pay your invoice by logging into the portal or mobile app. Taxi Mom will no longer be sending out invoices. Late fee’s will apply if not paid on time.

We still accept cash, money order or check made payable to Taxi Mom. **Note: we bill Monday – Friday only!) no exceptions. If your start date begins mid week, we will charge you a daily rate or weekly rate which ever is the least expensive.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, with a two week notice. If you cancel suddenly, a $25 termination fee along with one week’s tuition will be drafted or invoiced based on your selection during the registration.  The notice will be available in the parent portal.

I don't need you daily, how can I ride if there is an emergency?

You must register online and notate your request with the actual dates you need in our Notes section of the registration.  If we have the space, we will be happy to help.  

How can I register for service?

Simply click on the Registration tab to sign up. When registering, you will be prompted to choose the District and locate your school.  There are two sections to fill out in the registration. Client is the parent that is responsible for paying the bill. Passenger is the student information.  Submit to complete.  Once we receive the detailed request, we will send you an invitation with a quote, user name, and temporary password with an option to  “Accept” or “Decline”. If you choose “Accept”, you will have access into our portal with your payment options to complete the registration and your child will be assigned and added into our route system. You will have access to all of this information in your portal.  If you choose “Decline”, nothing else will be needed and we wish you the best of luck. **Note: the invitation will expire after 1 full week. Please call the office to re-activate the invitation.