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Greetings. You may have noticed that Taxi Mom recently took another step into the digital world by creating blog posts.

First, allow me to introduce myself. I am Mary Jane (Janie) McDermott, a freelance writer who has been working with Yolanda Stevenson and her team since August to create blogs, assist with some website changes, and craft communications. I come from a family of teachers, writers, and journalists, and I have always dreamed of being a freelance writer. But as you probably know, life has a way of sending us down unexpected paths. Even though I earned my degree in Creative Writing, I never truly embraced my calling until recently – but I did gain extensive experience in business and technical writing! I worked in the healthcare industry for many years, starting as a general office clerk in a small community hospital. I gradually worked my way into a successful information systems career, working for Parkland Hospital and major IT healthcare companies.

Unfortunately, as a single mother of four, the benefits and stability of my job overrode my desire to be a free spirit. As my work responsibilities increased, I could have used a service like Taxi Mom because I spent untold hours juggling schedules, missing work, and worrying about the kids when they had to walk to school or stay home alone. I’m sure many of you can relate. Shortly after I started my career at Parkland, I remember attending a seminar by a motivational speaker, a successful woman who shared stories about her life and her journey to that speaking engagement. I always wanted to be that person on the podium, giving hope to other women, letting them know they didn’t have to stay in low-paying, dead-end jobs, that they didn’t have to be defined by the labels other people assign to them. I never wanted to be “just a secretary” or “just an administrative assistant.”

I knew I had potential, and I knew I was more than my job title. When I met Yolanda Stevenson, something clicked – because in her, I saw the kind of person I had always wanted to be. Throughout my life, I have been blessed with a series of mentors and friends who came into my circle just when I needed them. I want to be that person for others. Through my writing, I want to tell the stories that need to be told and reach the people who need to be reached and uplifted out of their current circumstances, to help them see that life can be hopeful and that they have the power to change. I lost my job in June 2020 due to the pandemic. So when I met Yolanda this summer, I had nearly given up hope of finding a job, let alone following my passion. Instead, Yolanda hired me to write content for her company and encouraged me to start my own business. And because of her, I have done just that. My website is “under construction,” and you will soon be able to visit me at Everyone in the Taxi Mom family has a big heart. It is a warm, generous organization that reflects Yolanda’s principles and personality. This company is a place where I can provide a service and give back to the community.

Thanks for reading – and best wishes for your journey, wherever it may take you.