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Janice Castellani - Territory Owner​

As a mom of three girls working full-time for a Fortune 100 company, Janice struggled with the pressure of meeting the demands of her schedule at work and with the kids. Having moved to Texas just a few months before the pandemic hit, she didn’t have friends and family to rely on for help. The answer came to her unexpectedly: at a play date for her 8-year-old daughter, moms were complaining about how long the school pickup line was each day. Until one mom shared her secret: Taxi Mom. She raved about how much time she saved, the ease of using the app to track her child’s location, and peace of mind knowing her child was being dropped off at their door each day. Janice knew this was a game changer for her family, and all the families she knew just like hers who didn’t have the flexibility or time to pick up their kids each day. Less than a year later, Janice believes in the service so much that she decided to start her own franchise and help families like hers. Janice has spent 20+ years in the telecom and entertainment industry, leveraging her expertise in leadership development, training and communication to work in a variety of capacities including marketing, call centers, project management, executive communication, and more. Janice is excited for this next chapter, giving her the opportunity to serve her community and help kids through Taxi Mom. When Janice isn’t out in her community telling people about all the great benefit s of Taxi Mom, you can find her spending time with family- her husband Franco, and their three daughters ranging in age from 6-17. She loves being a soccer and musical theater mom, traveling, experiencing other cultures, and spending time outdoors.

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