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Taxi Mom Introduces New Nonprofit Organization


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Taxi Mom Families 

We are proud to announce that this year we launched Taxi Families, a 501c3 nonprofit organization to assist those in our community who need school transportation, but cannot afford it for their children. The organization’s mission is to increase the quality of life and productivity of disadvantaged students by providing funding for mobility options to meet and increase their basic travel needs to and from school through transportation services. Taxi Mom Families partners with other area transportation service providers, who share fundraising responsibilities for the nonprofit and provide rides to and from schools.

Taxi Mom, LLC is a qualified partner of Taxi Mom Families.  All donations are used to support transportation services to qualified families, through vetted and qualified partners.

Applicants for Taxi Mom Families’ services are screened through a rigorous intake process, which is available for review on the website,

Taxi Mom Families is currently serving a small number of families, but we hope to grow in the coming years to serve more families in need. We would be very grateful for any support you can provide.