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Reflecting On Ways to Give During This Holiday Season




The holidays can be busy and stressful, but they can also provide us with a beautiful time for reflection.

We all have much to be grateful for in reviewing the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic that took so many lives is mainly under control, and most schools are back to “normal.” But, of course, we still need to take precautions and use common sense when interacting with others. Still, thanks to vaccine development and availability, our students can continue their education as usual, and many of us can resume at least some of our social interactions.

Thanks to your support, our Taxi Mom business has grown. We are grateful for our opportunity to provide transportation services for new riders, provide peace of mind for more parents, and add employment opportunities to the community as our growth requires us to hire more drivers. We are also grateful for expanding our service into the Houston area, with our first new Taxi Mom Franchise beginning operation in January of next year, headed by Lisa Hassbrock. 

This year we launched a nonprofit organization that my daughter Priscilla first dreamed of over ten years ago. Taxi Mom Families has assisted six families with reduced-cost rides through partnerships with other school transportation providers. We hope to increase that number as we enter our second year of operation.

My thoughts turn to those who experienced hardship this year or lost a loved one to COVID-19 or some other cause. The holidays are a time of rejoicing for most, but many have difficulty and sadness, remembering lost loved ones or experiencing hardships. I encourage you to reach out to anyone you know who may be grieving, lonely, or in need at this time to help them and let them know that they are not alone.

If you do not know anyone who needs support or prefer to provide financial assistance, many excellent charitable organizations offer vital help to the community. Some of these are available on our Giving Page.

As we near the break from school and work, I want to thank my family, dedicated employees, and, above all, you, the parents who entrust their precious children to Taxi Mom.

Have a blessed holiday season. May you find peace, joy, and time for quiet reflection in the coming weeks.