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Getting kids home safely.

Community driven.



Securing a brighter future.

Adaptable, inclusive, & professional.

Fueling the needs in our community.

Empathic  & engaged service.

Trustworthy & technology driven.

Your family is our family.

Stella Okororie - Territory Owner

Growing up in the family business, Stella always wanted to own an impactful business that will not only meet needs but also bring people together as a community. Taxi Mom has afforded her the opportunity to give hard working parents in the Prosper and Frisco area the peace of mind that their children will get home safely from school and after school activities. 

Stella makes sure her drivers share the same ideals and come from the community they serve. 

As a Registered Nurse with three children of her own, Stella understands the need for safety, reliability and community.

Stella co-owns Taxi Mom with her husband, Chris. She loves to garden, travel and participate in her children’s extracurricular activities. 

working together to


We understand your children are your most valuable possession and you may be hesitant. Call us today!  We are here to answer any questions you may have.