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How Did Taxi Mom Respond to the Pandemic?


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Like all businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged us in ways we had never faced before. At the beginning, we worked at half capacity and today we are running at full capacity.  We’ve developed strict COVID-19 protocols that are implemented across our company. Our drivers and riders are required to wear masks when on the van, and our drivers perform a temperature check as each child enters the van each morning. We ask parents to keep children at home if they are ill, to safeguard both the other children and our drivers.

Our vans were already being cleaned thoroughly every week – more often if needed – but since the start of the pandemic we now sanitize each van daily after the routes are finished.  Our drivers carry extra sanitation supplies with them as well – including extra masks for any child who forgets! Policies were rewritten to have more transparency, a slight price increase was established since implementing MORE sanitation products and masks.  As of today, we are currently running at full capacity and require masks at all times during the transport of each student since we are now faced with an increase in the “Delta” variant.  

Please note:  according to the CDC, “passengers and drivers must wear a mask on school buses, including on buses operated by public and private school systems, regardless of vaccination status, subject to the exclusions and exemptions in CDC’s Order. Learn more here.” 

We follow the guidelines established by the CDC, and urge you to do the same, for the safety of your children, family, and community.